Fun Facts about Cars

We’re just kids when we first learn about cars: maybe we count certain colored cars as a game or certain makes and models. As we get older we start to like certain kinds of cars, to prefer them.  But we don’t often learn trivia about cards and that’s what this fun article is about. Just some fun facts—but some will be very useful.

And here is the first useful fact. The kind of car that is stolen most often is the Honda Accord and Civic. So if you are planning to get one, know that you will probably pay more when you go to get Ohio car insurance quotes. Thieves just love them. Lots of claims filed on them, too.  Act accordingly.

Here’s one you didn’t know: the windshield wiper was invented by… a woman. That’s right.

Henry Ford’s most famous quote was “whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are always right.”  He may be getting more famous for that than for the Ford vehicle! His entire business career was based on the belief that your success was determined by your attitude. Worked for him!

Most of us think the car was a 20th century invention. But the first motorized vehicle goes back to 1769, when Frenchman Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot of France may have invented the first full-scale, self propelled mechanical vehicle –in effect, an automobile. Well maybe: it looked more like a steam-powered tricycle.

A new college prank involves stuffing as many people as possible into a Smart Car. So far, the record is 19.  It is based on a fun prank in the 1960s in which students tried to fit a bunch of people into a Volkswagen Beetle. They managed to get 18 in, one less than the Smart Car.

The U.S. does not have the most cars per capita. There are more than a  billion cars on roads all over the world and some of the smallest countries have the highest number of cars per capita.

Here is a shocker for you—the state of California and especially southern California—have the most congested freeways. Bet you knew that. Thank goodness you live in Ohio!

Self-driving cars will be reality in the not-too-distant feature. No drivers at all. Some states have now made them legal.  The thought is daunting—we can expect some changes to the rules of the road. And how will it feel to ride in a car that no one is controlling? They may need to dispense anti-anxiety meds with those cars.

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